About FAIB

The First Aid Industry Body (FAIB), the Trade Body available to all First Aid Training Organisations is proud to announce that it can assist you in maintaining your demonstration of high quality.

Why is the FAIB needed?

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) have announced that with effect from 1st October 2013, they will no longer be responsible for the monitoring and approvals of the First aid at Work (FAW) and Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) qualifications.

1st October 2013, subject to the results of a consultation process that ended in December 2012, the responsibility to ensure the compliance of Quality Assurance when selecting a suitable Training Organisation to deliver training in First Aid is that of the Employer.

This has come about as a result of the Professor Lofstedt review into the role of the HSE which was fully accepted by the Government and is now Government Policy.

Professor Lofstedt has said "The future shape of the first aid training sector going forward is a matter for the industry to determine. I understand that feedback to HSE shows that many employers will simply seek to find in built assurance similar to that they gained from HSE Approval in whatever guise it is or becomes available".

"This assurance may be found in a Trade Body approval and monitoring scheme, or from a nationally approved and accredited qualification delivered by an Ofqual Awarding Organisation".

"Some training providers may choose to attach themselves to one approval system or another, whilst others may choose to continue as a standalone unit relying on their quality and reputation to secure market share".

Our Standards


We will issue that Training Organisation with certificated proof that they are both a Member and have achieved the standard required, this will enable any Employer to prove that they have in turn have complied with the requirements placed upon them by the HSE as far as First Aid is concerned.


Monitoring (as previously required by the HSE), a key part of being a member of the FAIB is that the Training Organisation undertakes to maintain a high standard in all aspects of their business and agrees to be subject to Independent monitoring and evaluation on a regular basis as previously required by the HSE as part of members approval status with us.


The First Aid Industry Body will be run by the experts in the First Aid Industry through a democratically elected Management Committee of the Body (who will be experienced and knowledgeable people from with the Industry) and for the benefit of the Training Organisations and Trainers/Assessors within the Industry who are our Members.


Our Business Plan is not intended to compare costs (because to us First Aid is all about standards) however we know that the costs for the FAIB system should mean that Training Organisations will be able to maintain the current level of charges to their clients. This of course must help all Employers in these difficult economic times.

The Committee

Vic Smith (Chairman)
Paul Hickman
Joanna O'Donovan
Ian Parry
Judith Brazkiewicz
Joanna Dunbar
Paul Walker
Richard Palmer
Ian Kershaw MBE